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Building Emotional Intelligence

Many times, our connections are emotionally deep in nature, we get so attached to a loved one that we often forget about the intelligence that is built in us. Our ways to continue to connect, express, and share remain attached with these relations and don’t help us to learn to love without attachment and build emotional intelligence.

Bondage or freedom, you learn to understand emotions as you pass hurdles.

Now you may question what is a problem with these emotions without active intelligence?

Well, in challenging times when a loved one is sick or dying, suddenly our heart starts sinking with a fear that we are going to lose them or won’t be able to see or meet them in the future. Working as a healer, we several times deal with grief and hence a requirement to build emotional intelligence to reduce such issues.

Also on rare occasions, as we grow, we encounter few loved ones separating their path from ours:

Unbelievably many of these times, we don’t see goodness instead we blame another person who we see has become selfish or leaving us behind. Of course, a few years later, we can retrospectively realize goodness.

But is there a way to proactively look deeper into this and build emotional intelligence?

Yes, this is possible. I have listed few questions that you can use to answer before reacting in these situations as the first step towards intelligence:

  • Is a person moving in their desired direction?

  • Is a person on a growth path?

  • Do you still connect the same way with this person as you had in the past?

  • Do you see a logical end and much peaceful end to your journey with the person?

  • Is it time to learn to Let go?

  • Do you have good times/ memories to cherish that you spent together?

Let me warn you if you don’t learn to let go, a person will snap at you and it will hit you much harder,

Do this self-analysis, and you will automatically find your answers.

Congratulations, you just learned the first step towards emotional intelligence.

let go is THE only WAY.

Hopefully, this will help you to have compassion for others who have moved away and are no longer walking on the same path as you.

How can you cope with similar situations using active intelligence?

Use 7, 14, 21, and 40 days formula

  • You can start a project, part of your habit and that can keep you completely hooked up within yourself

  • Practice mindfulness

Both above points will help you to remain focused and not get indulge in your own emotional drama.

You can choose to keep a track of your emotions to remain realistic,

  • Keep a check on your emotions every 7 days, then 14, 21 and 40

The good news is that you will realize that you have come out from this testing time much stronger. You’re no longer a slave of your own emotions and you are free from your own bondage.

Love and connect with people without expectations & attachments.

Altogether, you build much more compassion towards other person's journey, and you have resilience-building within yourself.

Plus, you also have become emotionally intelligent.

You have now started understanding that everyone is on a unique journey, some stay, and others don’t as the new ones are on their way to find room in your life.

You learn to live in the present, and use your emotions intelligently to bring freedom

Finally, I will touch upon family members passing.

If you work on your emotional intelligence, this will aid you in dealing with people leaving planet earth better. However, I won’t say, it is easy as it is unfair for me to say for individuals, but it will certainly help you if you focus on remembering good memories and time spent with loved ones left, you will find yourself peaceful and cherishing good times spent with them. This will help their souls as well to Rest in Peace and fly high in higher realms.

I hope, this blog will lift your spirit and bring you emotional freedom and understanding in your all connections. Amen!!

If you need an emotional recharge, please contact us and we will help you with healings and therapies, Link is here

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3 comentarios

21 oct 2021

Really good article with lots of important learnings for me, thank you so much

Me gusta

Ankita Singhi
Ankita Singhi
19 oct 2021

Beautifully explaned and inspiring

Me gusta

19 oct 2021

Beautifully explained and inspiring

Me gusta
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