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Renew your love for self

A love letter to self,

my dear self, it has been so many days since we spoke to each other. I miss you self. We have been busy doing our own things, how about date evening on 14th Feb at our favorite place, IN MY HEART.

here: self represents as 'Soul'

A simple technique to practice,

  • start with an invocation,

To my heart, my crown, my soul,                                    
my divine mother and father,                                         angels of love,                                                               
bless me with realization on my true nature of love, thank you!!
  • Do some mindful breathing

Exhale first, now inhale and mentally say "I am at home, in my heart"
Exhale and say, "I let go of this feeling of separation"
Inhale and say, "I inhale love"
Exhale and say, "I let go of this distrust and doubts"
Inhale and say, "I inhale Peace"
Exhale and say, "I let go of all inner and external conflicts and I forgive all." 
  • now put your hands on your heart,

  • Visualize as if you can see yourself in the reflection of water or mirror

  • start a conversation with self

Our Love for each other is our strength, when I see ME existing in YOU and YOU reflect as a bright shine upon ME, I know that it is MY HOME.  I know many days have passed and I haven't been talking to you or paying attention, instead of just running away from you. 
Now I have come to realize there is no ME without YOU. 

Let’s forget and forgive the past, let’s give us chance to renew our love for each other and restart this beautiful connection that God has blessed us. 
I promise you; I will have a routine to talk to you once a day at least, will listen to you patiently and will follow my Heart with gentle Will. 
I know you Love me, and I Love you too.
I am merely a flash without you

Let’s just rebound and fill each other so there is really no separation.

Practice above steps 3 times as mentioned below

  • First, do it verbally and say I recognize you in me, I love you" (say your name) and smile

  • Second whisper - "I recognize you in me, I love you" (say your name) and smile

  • Third, with a gentle will, say it your mind- "I recognize you in me, I love you" (say your name) and smile

each time wait for a response

Now you can carry on with your normal routine. However, it is recommended to do this before you sleep or first thing in the morning.

Loving self and everything we are made of is essential. There is no one better who can love us more than our own soul. Recognize this divinity in you and have a blissful and loving life.

Bonus tip: You can practice this technique with your partner, parents, children, or anyone you love. Remember you are talking to their self; recognize that presence of soul energy in them too.

However, we advise you to practice self-love first as once you relate to your own soul, love flows naturally in you. And you don’t need to create it or pretend for it. Be natural Be fabulous 🥰😍

I hope this blog will lift your spirit and fill your life with blessings that you will never stop counting and be grateful for. Amen!!

If you need an emotional recharge, please contact us and we will help you with healing and therapies, Link is here

Please let us know your feedback in the comment section below.

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