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Loving relationship

Many years of my life I spent thinking about What is really love and I could never understand it. Is it that important as some of us experience and share or how it is shown in movies (not just the romantic love by the way, even love that a mother feels for a child, that was also a mystery to me)?

If someone would have asked me even a month before I had no clue!!

However, an angel whispered in my ears and told me this secret.. read it carefully.

Author : Can your heart stop breathing in absence of love or it is just a need for one to have belongingness? what if it is a selfish need because it can help you have security? Is it an emotional dependency or habit or What is it?

Angel : Love means togetherness without worrying about the differences. This togetherness starts with yourself first, when you start loving yourself, you reflect it in every part of you. And your expansion starts happening, you experience love in every relationship around you. Love is not philosophical instead very much practical. It is not an illusion but very real. You know not everyone is perfect including yourself and you can grow with another being. It is a journey that is beautiful, yes destiny is important but the journey is what makes you learn about each other, once you reach a destination you want to set a new journey and grow more but together.

Think of two imperfect looking for new learnings, is just perfect for the journey. They can set examples for themselves and for many around as how love is not about being perfect but becoming one perfect team. A rose with a thorn is a good example, both are put together so the rose can be protected. Poor thorn may not get any attraction from the outside world but rose knows the importance, that is love, mutual respect, importance, sacrifice, and embracing each other with other's imperfection.

Author: You can not grow in love if you are constantly worrying about yourself and your growth. can you?

Angel: Instead of competing, become a supporter of your partner in love, it can be your friend, mother, child, spouse anyone who you truly feel this belongingness, that is love.

I had more questions so I continued asking, I will translate them using some of today's world examples.

Author: What if one is more passionate and the other finds conversations more important.

Angel: You can do both, or one by one, so their needs are fulfilled. If one likes music and another likes silence, use headphones, or you can use nature as your music box and continue enjoying the silence and music.

I get this question a lot "What if one wants a child and others don’t" you can get a pet or work together meet couples who have kids before denying the idea of children altogether.

Author: What if one wants to grow spiritually and another wants to go on a world tour.

Angel : Well, practice your spirituality together but also practice fun, spiritual love is not boring, it is much more fun actually when you are with your partner in love with you and for the one who wants to travel, bring your partner with you and show them how life is much more beautiful when it is balanced. As long as two are coming together and putting their needs after another, they find ways to reconcile and grow. Of course, this has to happen from both sides, and you will see Love blossoming with each year passing.

Distance is another way of growing your love, sometimes spending too much time with your partner can make you or you take them for granted. Try to spend holidays at least 1 week away from each other, every time you will be back to each other, the love will be ignited and at the same time, you both would have space for yourself.

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Aug 04, 2021

very nice article. Its often complex to understand emotions and pen them down .


Aug 03, 2021

Amazing read!!

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