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Power of Great Attitude

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

We all have moments that we are truly blessed for.

Gratitude is that one emotion, which helps us to connect with our deepest moments of happiness and more so peaceful moments.

Gratitude is a Great Attitude to have in one's life.

When you have gratitude for opportunities, things, relations, life, your heart is always filled with joy and peace. It helps you to count on what you have been given already.

As humans we most of the time tend to perfect our life with new pieces of stuff, more luxury, relations. But we often ignore being thankful for what we have already been given.

A simple way to practice and understand this within you, let's practice self-reflection on this,

  1. close your eyes

  2. think about any 5 things you didn’t like that happened in the last 7 days

  3. Now count any 5 things that have happened in the last 7 days, and you feel blessed

Which one did you find hardest to remember?

Most likely, 5 things that didn’t go your way vs. counting things that did go your way.

Do you know why it is like this??

Our mind was busy criticizing. It is like the first few things ready to be downloaded or using your favorite app on your phone. We gave most power of our brains to criticize and never counted our blessings.

Now just think one more time again, is this how we want our mind to be crowded or trained?

Most of us will say, No!! it doesn’t help us, or anyone around us.

What you focus on, becomes your life!!

So how do we train our minds to focus on good things? Let’s dive deep, it is a simple practice, every night before going to bed, just count one thing, especially if you can’t think of many, one blessing of your life, or year, or week or a day.

  1. Visualize it and smile towards it (it can be your health recovery, your child, money anything)

  2. Just be happy and feel that moment of joy

  3. And say, I am thankful for <thing> that I have been blessed with

  4. Thank you, Lord, for your blessings on me and for my family!!

It is so simple!!

Life is not measured by how much we acquire, instead, it is for us to Live mindfully!!

Practice gratitude technique for the next 7, 14, 21, 40 days, it will become a habit of your mind to count and be grateful for good things that have happened to you and your family. And you will feel much more joyful, peaceful and sleep well.

This is also a clever way to teach young children to be grateful for little things that they have received and be thankful to their parents, siblings, teachers, relatives, and anyone.

When you live every single day with a feeling of gratitude, you will attract loads of positivity around you.

I hope this blog will lift your spirit and fill your life with blessings that you will never stop counting and be grateful for. Amen!!

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Please let us know your feedback in the comment section below.

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