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Constancy of AIM and EFFORTS

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Virtue of Constancy of AIM and EFFORTS is applicable and relatable to anyone who has inspiration to become and do better as a human being and as a citizen on this planet earth.

In this blog, we are going to touch overall aspect of this virtue.

What does Virtue of "Constancy of AIM and EFFORTS" mean?

It is a virtue helping one to define vision, make it a habit and finally convert it into your lifestyle (a natural way of living). It sets a solid foundation with a path that can lead its practitioners to a remarkable success & height.

define vision-> create a plan->get into a schedule-> make it a habit -> finally your lifestyle (a natural way of living).

Aim, is your north star with target/goal, including, Plan, Calander, Milestones, Success meter.

Effort is as what you need to accomplish your goal. Resources like Time, Money, Energy and most importantly Family support.

By setting target with milestones, one can maintain constancy & consistency and follow plan in set schedule and accomplish goal.

Staying focused and navigate to achieve whatever you set your mind to.

Why is Constancy of AIM and EFFORTS is good to practice?

If you understood "What is Constancy of AIM and EFFORTS", that itself has many reasons implicit. I have listed few more below:

  1. To reach goal and set next goal

  2. To have small approachable and achievable milestones

  3. To get into a routine

  4. To build good self esteem

  5. To have a driving force towards your goal

  6. To be successful

How can you practice Constancy of AIM and EFFORTS?

Answer is clear and obvious,


  1. Set your vision

  2. Create a plan

  3. Define milestones

  4. Add delayers

  5. Do one thing at a time

  6. Be diligent

  7. Be kind to yourself

  8. Have patience

  9. Follow routine

  10. Readjust your plan if needed (use 21 days formula)

  11. check your daily progress

If life throws any surprises, give time where it is needed most and once you come back then readjust and resume.


  1. Be overconfident

  2. Underestimate your potential

  3. Be unkind to others

Sometimes you will have more clarity as you will move along with your plan, continue to refine, and readjust. Don't shy away to remove anything that is no longer serving a purpose. Do not carry a waste.

When should you start practicing virtue Constancy of AIM and EFFORTS?

The answer is simple, time is NOW. Honestly, introspection to reflect and see if any part of your life not doing so great, and you wish to improve it. Why wait then? Start now.

Who can practice virtue Constancy of AIM and EFFORTS?

Anyone who aspire to build a strong character can practice this virtue, it is not limited to any race, country, age, or gender.

  1. Children

  2. Students

  3. Parents

  4. Teachers

  5. Professionals

  6. Leaders

  7. Achievers

  8. Authors

  9. Painters

  10. Spiritual disciple

Which part of life, one can apply virtue Constancy of AIM and EFFORTS?

One can apply Constancy of AIM and EFFORTS everywhere, below are some suggestions: Spirituality | Planet Earth | Service | Profession | Family | Community | Finance

Key is to practice diligently.

Disclaimer: This blog is inspired from teachings of my spiritual teacher GMCKS. If you want to know more, please reach out to your local Pranic Healing center or leave us a comment.

We will be covering some more Virtues in future blogs,

  1. Loving Kindness & Non-Injury.

  2. Generosity & Non-Stealing.

  3. Accurate Perception & Correct Expression.

  4. Moderation & Non-Excessiveness

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