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Parenting tips (4-6 years)

Let them blossom in their unique way

Your little bundle of joy is spreading their wings and looking forward to the new dimensions of life around them. Simple things like dressing up, buttoning shirt, taking bath, arranging toys in cupboard etc. give them a sense of achievement.

However, parents always see their reflection in their offspring and at times push them to follow a certain course of action assuming that it would be best for their children, but we forget that these little saplings are unique in each of their own ways.

Children have an inheritance and a purpose to live. It is on us as parent to encourage our children to feel free to explore, discover, wonder, and do the things that they can relate most, enjoy doing it and live joyfully. And we be there with them as a guide and a friend.


Here, we have summarized a few essential points which can boost up the confidence and energy of your child.

Daily routine

Children imitate a lot. Parents are their first source of information at this age. Most children like to walk, talk, and dress like their parents. Therefore, good habits can be easily introduced to them by following a disciplined routine yourself as a parent. Simple steps like morning greetings, finishing meals, arranging things, daily prayer and sharing resources would easily become a part of their personality.

Spending quality time

Expensive toys, big playrooms and advanced gazettes are not the primary requirement of a child. They need quality time with their parents and not quality resources. Take out 30 minutes daily where you and your child are interacting, it can be anything like walking, playing, or even tidying up stuff.

Another crucial factor is to not spoil them by ensuring children are growing with right balance. They are nurtured with love but also have will and understanding growing up. Don't always let them win in the game but let them lose also. This way they can easily be able to handle the emotions of both types. If your child is introvert, understand their deeper nature, see what they like most doing, what do like to play and with whom. You as a parent can always be their friend and strengthen your bonding with each passing year.

Diet and health

The importance of nutrients is well known to us, but one need to walk an extra mile to include balanced diet in baby’s food. Well-presented and served food is loved by all. There are several recipe books and websites where you may get plenty of information. Fresh juice, lentils, porridge, vegetable soups are a few easy eatable options.

Timely vaccination and monitoring of weight-height chart is also important. A slight variation from the standard chart is usual but do visit a pediatric if you notice any major deficit.

Sleep and safety

A quick nap of 30-45 minutes can keep a child fresh for rest of the day. Do not force if child does not want to sleep as they have their unique sleeping pattern. However, ensure that they are sleeping for at least 8-10 hours.

Reading bedtime stories are productive, pick your child's favorite character, read it to them and let them explore and flow in the world of imagination, this helps them to sleep better and reduce any kind of worries.

It is also important to tell your children a few basic safety steps like to maintain distance from strangers in your absence and what to do in case of a ‘bad touch’. How they can look for help in various places like school, creche and home. Who can they call in an hour of emergency and how to ask for help?

These tiny tots are very smart. Just be with them so that they will learn to express themselves and soon you will be surprised to see their pace of growth.

Happy Parenting!!

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